Friday, July 12, 2013

Practicing Packing

I decided to travel light! What does that mean, you ask? I'm only bringing a carry-on sized backpack... Crazy, right!?

As I accumulated things for the trip, I placed it all in one corner of my room. A couple days ago I looked at the piles a bit nervously. It was a lot of stuff, despite my careful thinking about only packing what is absolutely necessary. So, I practiced packing. And it all fits!

All I can say is thank goodness for packing cubes. They are magic! All of my clothing is in those two orange cubes. Granted, my first stop is Japan, where it will be HOT and HUMID. So, I didn't have to pack any bulky cold weather clothing.

Here it is! My travel companion for the next year.

Of course, Bailey had to try it out too.

It is quite freeing to be without the burden of a lot of luggage. All part of the adventure!

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