Monday, December 16, 2013

Some Serious Snow

The snow storm that hit the Middle East this past week was historic. It was the biggest snowfall the region has gotten in decades! I figure the experience deserves proper documentation. I watched the snow accumulate from my little apartment as I drank tea and layered on the socks. Check out how the landscape changed over the course of three days!

Before things got too bad I went to the tiny store around the corner from my apartment building to stock up on food. I made it about two steps outside my building and I was on the ground. I laughed out loud at myself, wondering if anyone had the pleasure of seeing me flail and land on all fours on the slick surface. It had to have been hilarious. 

The morning of Day Three of snow, I woke up early to thunder, lightening, wind, and the morning prayer call. It was wild! Later in the day, after the wind finally died down, I ventured outside to check out the neighborhood in its blanket of beautiful, white snow. I put on nearly all the clothes I own to go outside, I'm still in the process of acquiring warm clothing... Gotta love layers! Here's how things looked at peak snow accumulation. 

Stuck in the snow.  

Tiny store around the corner from my apartment.
So glad I was able to replenish my pita bread supply.

The sun finally came out and the temperature rose on Sunday. And so the great thaw begins.

Palm trees! And snow!
Before I close, while I have the luxury of heat, hot tea, and a solid roof over my head... there a thousands of refugees living in tents in Jordan and other parts of the Middle East. These people are often in my thoughts and I pray that they are cared for with food, warm clothing, blankets, and shelter. The snow has been quite an adventure, but perhaps not so much of a welcome adventure for some. 

Beautiful sunset as the snow slowly melts.

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  1. Starting just about the time your snow started, Corvallis accumulated 9 inches so this made me giggle to know you were probably dealing with the same things