Friday, January 10, 2014

Facebook Posts from Jordan

Since my Facebook posts from Japan were so popular, I thought I had better compile a list for Jordan as well. Here's a glimpse into my everyday life and some random thoughts from the last three months!

1. Emirates is my new favorite airline. I highly recommend it.

2. Comment from my mom as I flew red-eye from Tokyo to Amman: "We get two sleeps before you even get one." Time change is weird.

3. I am finding it difficult to refrain from doing the peace sign in pictures now...

4. I thought I was getting more confident and becoming a real traveler, but then I met some people at the hostel in Jordan... I'm still a newbie for sure. There are some intense travelers out there.

5. I'm juggling like 6 different time zones at this point. I feel so smart and well-connected.

6. The Abdali Flea Market is a sensory overload and a gold mine for cheap clothes. I love it!

7. How the first Watson Fellows survived without google maps is a mystery to me. Even in a country where addresses are a new phenomenon, google maps is invaluable.

8. May have just purchased an album of 55 Arabic Pop Hits. Get ready friends, DJ Hannah has all kinds of new material.

9. One of my favorite things to do in a new country is figure out my go-to snack foods.

10. Love me a Jordanian sunset. #palmtreesillouette

11. Hannah's oatmeal Japanese style: with milk and bananas. Hannah's oatmeal Jordan style: with yogurt and honey.

12. Walked to the store to buy pita bread and hummus, only to hear Call Me Maybe playing over the loudspeaker in the store. Kinda killed my Middle East vibe.

13. One stop shopping for all your smoking needs.

14. Totally startled when a little kid shot off a pop gun as I walked past. He laughed at me. haha

15. Snacks for the bus ride home from Petra. These'll go straight to my hips.

16. A taxi driver insisted that at 22 I should be married with two babies. Guess I'm a bit behind...

17. Amman is a MESS before and after a futbol match. The streets are chaos with honking cars decked out in Jordanian flags sitting in stalled traffic. Kids are let out early from school in anticipation of the traffic. And I could basically watch the entire game on my walk home going past all the packed out cafes with big screen TVs.

18. Saw Hunger games with these lovely ladies!! Complete with Arabic and French subtitles.

19. There is a huge difference in street harassment when I walk with a guy than when I walk alone or with another girl.

20. Plastic palm tree. At least it doesn't need water?

21. I don't remember the last time I had hot chocolate. Cafe Strada for the win.

22. I actually used a cross walk today. That's a first.

23. Saw sowers sowing seeds!

24. I bought apples from Washington! They traveled a long way!

25. In a taxi on my way home one evening, stopped at a light and the driver starts honking... This is typical, but the light is clearly red so I was confused. Then a man appeared at the driver's window selling a hot cup of coffee! Quite the entrepreneur on these cold winter nights!

26. Pita bread, figs, bell peppers, Arabic coffee, falafel, hummus. These are a few of my favorite things!

27. Not a big fan of tile floors. My feet are cold.

28. After much pondering, I do think I prefer the cold here in Jordan to the heat and humidity in Japan.

29. I need a snuggie.

30. Any guess on what this is? There used to be two of them sitting on the street too... #disappearingact #whatisit #hopeitdoesntexplode

31. Best Christmas tree ever. With real candles too!

32. I was convinced there were ice cream trucks all over the city because I always heard these loud jingles coming from trucks on the street. Come to find out... gas can delivery isn't exactly ice cream...

33. Practicing patience and pomelo peeling.

34. So thankful for Facetime! I love my family.

To be honest, while I am certainly excited to see what adventures lie ahead for me in Germany, I am quite sad to leave Jordan. It has been an amazing three months and the country totally exceeded my expectations. I have met so many wonderful people here and the sightseeing was incredible. Jordan, I hope to see you again someday!!

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