Thursday, May 22, 2014

Denmark in Pictures

I thought I would share a bit of my life in Denmark with some of my favorite photos. I'll post more on facebook, but large photo albums can be a bit tedious. Here are a just a few highlights. Enjoy!

Panoramic of my room. It was cozy and lovely!

The quaint street with apartments located above the cute flower shops and clothing boutiques.

The beautiful colored buildings along Nyhavn. Very touristy, but so much history! Constructed in the 1670's it was the gateway into Copenhagen for cargo and fish and sailors. Hans Christian Anderson, famous Danish fairy tale author, even lived here for some years in the 1800's. 

Rosenborg Castle Gardens. One of my favorite places in the city! When I arrived, little blossoms were just starting to poke through the grass. Danish castles are a bit more humble, not so ostentatious, when compared with those I visited in Germany. 

Also Rosenborg Castle Gardens. On a bright, sunny day everyone comes out to enjoy it! And you better believe I was right there with them. It had been a few months since I'd gone outside without a heavy coat... The sunshine and warmth was most welcome.

The Little Mermaid. A classic, Danish icon. She's a bit smaller than I expected and the industry seemed odd in the background of the dainty figure. 

I absolutely LOVED the flowers displayed on the sidewalks everywhere. It never failed to make me smile and brighten my day! I must not have realized just how dreary those winter months can be. Spring was a welcome sight to my eyes. 

Yes, that's right. I went to IKEA in Denmark. I think the meatballs tasted even better closer to the source. Fun Fact: IKEA opened a store in Jordan this year! I got to see the building progress, but obviously missed out on the grand opening. Hope the Jordanians enjoy the lingonberry sauce!

Tivoli Gardens! The second oldest amusement park in the world, right in the middle of Copenhagen. And the world's oldest amusement park, Bakken, is just a short train ride north of the city. I say the Danish really know how to have fun. 

Tivoli is a magical place with a very different atmosphere than Disneyland... Perhaps more relaxed and cozier. I went with Anne and Eva and we picked a beautiful day to go!

Just a photo I liked from the canal tour I took one day. There is so much water in Copenhagen, it's really quite amazing!

The view from the path along the sea where I ran nearly every day. If you look closely on the horizon, you'll see a line of windmills. The Danish love their wind energy. I couldn't get enough of the fresh, sea air. It was glorious! 

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  1. nice photos! I've been saving a photo in a life preserver frame of a building in Denmark that looks just like the one in the second photo..I guess it won't be any help in finding "family" either if they all look the same! :)