Saturday, October 11, 2014

England in Pictures

Some of my favorites from the three months I spent in England.

I lived on a boat on the Thames. It was really lovely. A nice, picturesque spot near the Kew Bridge. 

Part of the kitchen and living area. Yes, I could touch both sides of the boat with my arms stretched. Let's just say this makes my apartment here in Cambridge seem massive.

If you squint, you can see my little, green and red narrow boat across the river on the left.

These guys were my neighbors!

Saint Paul's Cathedral was stunning. I looked for the bird woman from Mary Poppins, but all I found were tourists.

This photo reminds me of the Treasury in Petra peeking through the walls of the Siq.
Except this is Saint Paul's Cathedral in the middle of London.

Allergies. I was utterly miserable as I battled this white nonsense in the spring. It was the WORST. 

Loved the green expanse of the English countryside. This is near Stonehenge. 

Cream tea. I miss this afternoon delight so much.

I love trains and I also love train tracks. This sight was plentiful in London.

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