Sunday, March 16, 2014

Facebook Posts from Germany

It's that time again! I hope everyone enjoys reading these as much as I enjoy posting them. I encounter so many random things while living everyday life in a foreign country. It's nice to share!

1. Indoor heating is amazing. I no longer have to sleep with two pairs of socks and a sweatshirt. I'm not in Jordan anymore!

2. I carried red, Wadi Rum sand all the way to Germany. It's all over my backpack and now the hostel. Oops...

3. I was warned about this before arriving in Europe, but sometimes a glass of wine is cheaper than a glass of water. So... I opted for the wine. 

4. I love the street musicians playing accordion! It fits nicely with the cobblestone streets and quaint shops.

5. I see this billboard everywhere. The whole family in the bathtub...? Really?

6. Nuremberg has the best walking/running paths along the river that runs through the city. Met these guys on my delightful Saturday morning walk one weekend. 

7. I love seeing the little, old German ladies carrying their wicker baskets to the market. Too cute.

8. What we call bread, Germans call "American Sandwich Bread."

9. Someone called me a seasoned traveler! Whoa! It caught me by surprise. Who would have thought!?

10. Germans don't bother with training wheels. Give the kid a bike!

11. Well, I was prepared for a cold and snowy couple months in Germany, but the winter turned out to be quite mild. (I'm not complaining.) We got snow in Nuremberg one day though! Just enough to make the train ride to nearby Lauf absolutely beautiful!

12. I met an American here in Germany who had heard of Harvey Mudd because of the Taylor Swift concert. That's a first. 

13. Definitely too many coins in this currency system.

14. These would have been helpful for those 8AM lectures at Mudd. And those afternoon lectures... And the late night homework sessions...

15. Anyone need new dining chairs?

16. Pudding is a common dessert in Germany. It's cheap and delicious, so I bought a few packages. Turns out making pudding is more difficult than you think. My first attempt turned out a bit lumpy. I didn't put enough sugar in my second batch. And I burned the third. Seems I can travel alone just fine, but can't make pudding... Hmmm

17. I was quite amused with the U.S.A. food section at the supermarket in Hamburg. Pop tarts, Easy Cheese, "Pancake Syrup", BBQ sauce, peanut butter. Clearly all of our favorite health foods.

18. Labskaus! A Northern Germany culinary specialty! Potatoes mixed with corned beef, onions, and beets. Served with an egg and a fish. Delicious!

19. Random act of kindness. A nice woman gave me her day ticket for the U-bahn on my last day in Hamburg. Totally made my day!

I'm in Denmark now! Ready for more exploring and learning. Still amazed and thankful for God's daily provisions as I continue this adventure. 

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