Friday, March 21, 2014

World Down Syndrome Day 2014

Happy World Down Syndrome Day, everyone! I am currently at a conference in Trondheim, Norway organized for this special day. While most everything is in Norwegian, it is just exhilarating to be in a room with so many people who love their family members and friends with Down Syndrome and are passionate about seeing each of them reach their potential. I do have a few kind interpreters, so I'm learning lots about the situation for people with Down Syndrome in Norway! (Perhaps more about that in a subsequent post...) There is also a youth conference for young adults with Down Syndrome happening parallel to the one I'm attending. They invited me to their dance party last night! I squealed with glee along with them when the DJ played Justin Bieber and learned a thing or two from everyone with great dance moves. So much fun! :)

Today though, I just want to show some love to a few of the incredible people I have in my life and to some of those I have met in my travels. Each one of them has made me smile and laugh. They have taught me patience and to remember what is important in life. Each of them has opened my eyes to see past my own minuscule problems. They have shown me unconditional love. And all of these people have brought great joy to my life.

From Germany:

My walking buddy, Steffen.
My train riding buddy, Youstina.

My little friend, Mikey.

From Jordan:

Shahed (left) and Aya (center).
My favorite star!

From Japan:

Shoko and Naru taught me some
sweet dance moves!
Karaoke will never be the same without
Eiko and Shinichi!

And last by not least, from back in Oregon:

My sweet friend, Kristin. I love her enthusiasm!

Bailey's friend Danielle.
My go-to source for all things Portland Trail Blazers!

Cousin Peter, always ready with a big hug!

And the best little sister in the whole world!

I so want to give each of them a big hug in person, especially Miss Bailey, but this picture collage will have to suffice. For those of you who it! Give them a huge hug! One from me too! Show them how much we love them!

Note: For those who may not know, March 21st (3/21) is World Down Syndrome Day because people with Down Syndrome have a third chromosome in the 21st pair. Cool, right!?

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  1. Thank you Hannah, great post! In this area is mother`s day, in many places beginning of spring, so lots to celebrate.
    I`m glad to hear that you also made it to Norway, that was not really your plan, or? But good, that somebody else is in charge of things and events happening to us. Look forward to more posts and still remember with thanks our weekend in Hamburg.